3 Design Faux-Pas Graphic Designers Can’t Stand

Great graphic design gives your brand the opportunity to stand out from the competition and leave a lasting impression on the minds of consumers. And while you can unleash your creativity to stand out, when it comes to creating something that will represent your business in the coming years, it’s best to be a little cautious. Continue reading “3 Design Faux-Pas Graphic Designers Can’t Stand”

Design as an Investment for Your Business

Business owners invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into their enterprises. These investments aren’t simply costs, they’re actually payments. Everything you put into your business is going to come back—and everything you don’t put into it is also going to come back.

Design is one of those things that business owners don’t take into account when it comes to how they operate. Design is everything from their logo to their modus operandi.

What does design have to do with business?

When talking about design, we don’t mean the purely aesthetic quality of things; we’re talking about finer details like the navigation of your website, the impression your business gives off to customers and investors and the model your business operates along.

If you’re still not convinced, here are a few factors why you need to hire a graphic design firm:

1. Design sells

Your products, services, whatever it is that your business does, your business as a whole and your team. These are all important factors that come into play as clients begin to interact with your business.

According to a report by Adobe:

“38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content or layout is unattractive” – The State of Content: Expectations on the Rise October 2015


2. The Importance of Impressions and Perceptions

Consumer psychology is simultaneously a tricky but straightforward thing. Certain practices and choices you make—the color scheme of your web layout, the editing of your photos, the text on your website and how that’s displayed—can either drive away or draw in customers.

A crisp, clean design that allows room to view the product, understand your company and its vision, the ease of going through your services and products, how engaging and interactive it is, are all contributors to get sales.

3. Great Design Reflects Professionalism and Brand Ethos

Having a consistent and professionally done web layout, content, posters and logos legitimize your business. It shows that you have put effort into your work and even small details matter to you, which, in turn, is a reflection of your personal work ethic.


4. Design Adds Value

Instead of going door to door or conference to conference to pitch your product, services and brand, you now broadcast your message to the world via digital media. Through innovative design, you tell your brand story, product features and functions and so much more! The possibilities are endless when you work with the right graphic design firm.


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