How to Design a Logo That Doesn’t Suck

Logo Design

Have you ever come across an accomplished brand that doesn’t have a logo? There aren’t any. A logo is your visual identity through which customers perceive your brand. But don’t let anyone fool you into thinking that creating a logo is as simple as drawing a circle, choosing a font, and slapping some graphics together.

Logo design demands creative input, methodical planning, and critical thinking. Simply put: you don’t want to go for cheap $15 designs on Fiverr. So how do you create a logo that remains in the mind of your target audience?

In this blog, we’ll offer a few tips on how to create a logo that doesn’t suck.

See What Others are Up To

An excellent place to borrow ideas is from your competitors. There’s no need to re-invent the wheel to come up with something that stands out. Take from what’s already available. If you find that logos within a certain framework and design have worked for others, chances are they’ll work for you as well.

Remember, this isn’t done to plagiarize material; it’s a way of learning how you can be different from the competition while relying on tried and tested formulae, which brings us to…

Be Unique

According to a study put out by Psychology Science, branding and logo has a profound impact on the consumer’s decision-making process. That’s why the idea is to create a logo that makes you stand apart from the competition. Going monochrome with the rest is asking to be forgotten in the sea of sameness. Being unique entails two things: one, don’t rip off logos from another brand and two, stay far away from clichés.

This means no using bulbs to portray a lighting company, no cars for an automotive brand, and no airplanes or helicopters for an aviation company.

Carry Out Extensive Research

The end goal is to design a logo that appeals to your target audience. To this end, you’ll need to carry out extensive research that starts off by gaining information about your previous logos, brand, market position, brand personality, customer perception, and how you wish your brand logo to be viewed and understood.

Your research must also include determining the style and tone of the logo from the perspective of your target audience. For instance, there’s no point in creating a cute, colorful logo for a business that’s into selling masculine, outdoor products for young men.


To be fair, designing a logo that doesn’t suck is pretty hard without the right tools and expertise. That’s why you’ll want to get in touch with Evna Design, a Longmont graphic design company. They’ve created some pretty impressive logos for clients from various industries and can do the same for you. Check them out online today. Contact Evna Design today for more information.

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